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WyshTech Solar Power Bank CLEARANCE SALE!!

PRE-ORDER WyshTech Solar Power Bank (ETA FEB 15TH) - WyshTech

WyshTech Solar Power Bank CLEARANCE SALE!!

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Never worry about forgetting to charge your battery again.

Imagine being out in the woods and your phone is dead or worse; your GPS dies and you forgot to charge your trusty power bank.

There are no outlets in the woods and it's pretty hard to take a generator with you. 

Here are six reasons why this power bank will save you from an inconvenience or in an emergency.


✔️Harness the power of the sun!

With 6 solar panels, you can charge any portable device and the power bank itself in case of an emergency or conserve the battery. Where ever there is sunlight, you can charge your devices!



✔️Fully loaded battery

Massive 20,000 mAH battery - Enough power to ensure your device is charged 100% when you need it most.


✔️You don't need a charging cable

Forget your charging cable? Use your device's wireless charging feature to charge wirelessly.


✔️Charge it all simultaneously 

Charge your GoPro, Wireless charge capable iPhone, and GPS device at the same time.



✔️Made for convenience

The solar panels are removable so you can easily fit everything in your jacket pocket or backpack.

✔️Made for the outdoor lifestyle

Rugged against drops, dust, and getting wet. Need a light at night? It's got you covered with its BRIGHT LED light with 3 modes; Steady, Strobe, and SOS.


 Power Bank Features