Outdoor Portable solar panel charger array for USB devices

Outdoor Portable solar panel charger array for USB devices - WyshTech

Outdoor Portable solar panel charger array for USB devices

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Are you looking for an alternative to charging your devices with a renewable power source? or not having to worry about an outlet?

With the power of the sun. You can use this solar panel array to charge your mobile phone, increase your WyshTech Power bank recharge, and other USB devices.  It's lightweight, ultra-thin, waterproof, and durable. Perfect for outdoor activities! 

Features include:

Colors: Black or camouflage

Waterproof IP65

Made of rugged high-quality materials

Max power of 20W

Max current of 2A

Output voltage of USB 5v/18VDC

Hear from our customers!

I've been charging my phone with it the last couple of weeks and the power bank has been able to keep it charged all week long! The solar panels are a nice touch in case I'm out camping or doing some sort of long-term outdoor activity. I still need to play around with those more but so far it's been nice to see how much power it can store throughout a week. This will definitely be great to have on long road trips and that sort of thing. Thanks!

Travis C.

I regularly play on my Nintendo Switch and it's nice having this power bank for when I want to lounge outside and enjoy the sunny weather from time to time.  It does a great job keeping my switch charged. Especially when its sunny out! It didn't loose any charge since I have used it in the sun!

John M.

This is now my main power bank. I love the removable panels! They attach very securely with magnets and still has a built in panel. Charges pretty well, feels sturdy, and well made. This will be my main source of power for a few USB devices for the foreseeable future!

Adam S.
Built to last!

WyshTech products are built rugged so you have a piece of mind for the outdoors.

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