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Anytime, Anywhere: The Solar Power Bank Promise

Interconnectedness – this is the theme of the modern-day world.

From the farthest plains in Asia to the highlands of Africa to the bustling hubs in the Americas, it’s hard to find anyone who has not been exposed to the intricacies of modern-day communication. I’m talking about cellular phones, computers, tablets and the internet as a whole.


Whether you’re using your modern devices for communication, for documentation or they’re simply a tool to make your life better, what’s equally important as connection to the internet is the ability to run them, that is, power them.


Unlike the internet, this “juice” runs out and needs to be replenished periodically. I’m pretty sure that we always encounter this challenge. Can you imagine going on a hike for days’ time and suddenly need to recharge your equipment but finding out that even your power bank has all but drained? Or better yet, power goes out for a few days and you need to keep your phone charged.  I have. And that sucked.


Where It All Started


As a veteran in Afghanistan, James Wisher observed that having “low battery” was a constant dilemma while on duty. For things like cameras and simple power tools. They didn’t have a way to charge their devices while being deployed on a mission as they weren’t around a power source often and the technology beyond the usual power banks was just not available.


After the deployment in Afghanistan. The dilemma continued while going on camping trips, hiking, and even power outage after a major storm. This prompted him and his wife, Crystal, to start their own company. Wyshtech is a brainchild of a couple’s passion to produce a piece of modern technology essential to the consumers.


The company’s mission is to provide a convenient, reliable and unique solar power bank so that you don’t have to worry about missing any important and precious moment in your life in lieu of a low or dead battery. We envision Wyshtech to be in the forefront of setting a standard when it comes to solar power banks.


We create with you in mind, which is why we veered away in producing power banks just for the sake of having one. Our products are well thought of and were built so that you can take full use of it in any terrain, any setting and designed to take full advantage of the abundant solar energy around us.


Most of all, we created this company to give back to our community. More than our business, this is a way for us to provide value to our community. In times of disasters, we’d like to think that our products will definitely come in handy.


30 - day Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

We don't want your money if you're not satisfied with our power bank.

That's our promise to you that this power bank will benefit you on your outdoor adventures!

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