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Aztech 10:1 Ratio CNC gearset

Aztech 10:1 Ratio CNC gearset - WyshTech

Aztech 10:1 Ratio CNC gearset

Custom made CNC 10.04:01 ratio Single Sector gear set.

The fastest gears currently available on the market in Single sector.

CNC machined from hardened SCM440 steel made to perfection with straight cut gears for reduced loading and for increased battery life and reduced wear.

Manufactured from hardened SCM440 (Chrome-molybdenum Alloy Steel) with a Brinell hardness of 197 which ensures these gears are as strong and as hard as possible to increase life and reduce wear.

10.04:01 ratio gears are the fastest we can go in single sector.  On a fast motor you can run up to around 51-55 rps on a single sector gear.  That's faster than most DSG builds with out the dramas of everything dual sector gears bring.

- Running a high torque motor at around 20000rpm will run at roughly 27rps

-A 30000rpm motor will put out around 32rps

-A 40000rpm motor will put down a stonking 42 rps

Then if your really keen, crack onto 50000rpm motors for  high 50s to 60 rps on SINGLE SECTOR gears.  These figures will all vary based on battery voltage, C rating output, and Mah capacity sizes

Suits V2 and V3 style gearbox's - gelball and airsoft compatible


We highly recommend using high strength lock tight on the sector gear grub screws. These have not been set with Loctite from new as some builders want these for DSG.

These gears must be lubricated with a thin but complete coating of high quality bearing and gear grease. To much grease will cause the grease to be thrown off the gear through centrifugal forces and end in the gears having no lubrication. We highly recommend Nulon Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80) which is a blend of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluorocarbon particles in a specially prepared lithium-based, water-repellent grease. 

L80 keeps water and dust out while a plating of PTFE is applied to the mating surfaces under working conditions. Seal performance is improved and operating temperature reduced, resulting in less grease "throw". L80 is the perfect grease for our CNC bushes and gears.

L80 has a continuous temperature operating range of -9°C to 150°C