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Aztech Hybrid Anti-Reverse latch Stainless Steel

Aztech Hybrid Anti-Reverse latch Stainless Steel - WyshTech

Aztech Hybrid Anti-Reverse latch Stainless Steel

What is the most unreliable part of the anti reverse latch? 

Its the spring!!!  The poor little conventional torsion spring is guaranteed to fail eventually.

So what if it was made to use a traditional compression coil spring with a hugely increased life and increased spring rate for improved lock.

Aztech Innovations have been re inventing the wheel again, but this time its the AR latch.  The new hybrid is the first of its kind to use a straight coil compression spring.

  1. CNC Milled from billet corrosion resistant 303 Stainless steel
  2. Curved front face to ensure a perfect lock on the gear in reverse at all times
  3. Custom compression spring bonded into the back of the spring
  4. Wider face for increased contact with the bevel gear lock surface to increase longevity and reliability
  5. Flat head cut on the pin for easy install using a flat head screw driver

The hybrid doesn't suit Retro Arms gearboxes, as the pole is to small for the spring to seat on to.