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Aztech APACHE Tappetless Cylinder Head

Aztech APACHE Tappetless Cylinder Head - WyshTech

Aztech APACHE Tappetless Cylinder Head

APACHE  Tappetless Cylinder Head for AIRSOFT!

How does a perfect seal and no tappet plate or return spring sound?

Well to Aztech Innovations it sounded pretty damn amazing.  So they had to design and build it.

Here it is, the APACHE for airsoft!  The first of its kind in the world, all air controlled. No forks or prongs to retract the nozzles, No timing issues, No broken return springs and no broken tappet plates and best of all no fps droop on high rate of fire.

The all in one sealed cylinder head ensures perfect seal for max air flow and zero air loss with out any mechanical gear driven parts to create issues.

Tested and proven to feed perfectly, zero fps drop from semi to auto all the way up to 75 rps at over 400 fps.
They saw on average a 15 fps drop in power from a well sealed strong return spring tappet plate system but there are no timing adjustments needed for any rate of fire up to 75 rps

  • Made from CNC 7075 Aluminum
  • Comes with adjustable nozzle (4mm of adjustment)
  • Comes with installed 0.7mm spring and spare 0.8mm spring
  • Comes with 2mm and 3mm thick sorbo pads that can be installed
  • All seals are Nitrile 70 duro rubber
  • Anodized finish


-Airsoft V2 gearboxes