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Aztech Xtreme Piston and CNC Piston Head

Aztech Xtreme Piston and CNC Piston Head - WyshTech

Aztech Xtreme Piston and CNC Piston Head

This piston literally ticks every single box for the ultimate AEG Piston.

Custom made Fiber reinforced PA66 Polyamide (Nylon) Lightweight Piston, CNC head, hardened Cr12MoV rack, strengthened and weight reduced with large windows in the low stress areas, with total weight is under 27.5 grams, this is DSG and high rate of fire ready out of the box.

We have over engineered the piston as much as physically possible.  Nearly doubling the amount of material to the highest stress point at the back of the piston bridge to increase support for the pick up tooth with 80% more material than every other piston we have measured and tested. We opted for Cr12MoV hardened steel as it is the strongest metal we could use to ensure maximum life and outright breaking strength.  Then added in every piston head feature we could, all this culminates in the ultimate piston!

Our strengthened and reinforced, lightweight and over engineered piston features:

-Lightweight ported and reinforced ultra strong PA66 Polyamide Piston
-Cr12MoV hardened 14 tooth rack
-CNC 6061 Aluminum Cylinder head
-9 Port head for max flow
-Back cut chamfer for O-ring contraction
-360 degree axial thrust bearing spring seat
-CNC Aluminum head mounting plate
-Viton long life max seal O-ring


Main properties of PA 66 Reinforced Nylon include:

  • High strength and stiffness at high temperature
  • Extreme light weight out of the box.
  • Good impact strength, even at low temperature
  • Very good flow for faultless injection molding with low risk of air bubbles.
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Excellent oil and solvent resistance
  • Good fatigue resistance

It is highly recommended to bond the steel rack to the body of the piston for high performance builds.  
We recommend a high strength Gorilla Grip 2 part araldite epoxy as an absolute minimum or

We recommend using JB Weld Original Steel reinforced Epoxy for the highest strength bond available.