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Begadi PRO ORION - CNC Rotary HopUp Unit for JG S77 / AUG series

Begadi PRO ORION - CNC Rotary HopUp Unit for JG S77 / AUG series

Begadi PRO ORION - CNC Rotary HopUp Unit for JG S77 / AUG series

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Our Begadi PRO ORION CNC HopUp Unit is designed to enhance precision and range for all AUG rifles.

The Orion offers customers a modern and adaptable HopUp Unit for AUG rifles, featuring the reliable TDC/Rotary system for precise adjustment and consistent hop-up performance. It comes with various tensioner options, including a standard HopUp arm for Begadi 5mm (D3mm) rubber tensioners, a 5mm tensioner for standard inner barrels, and a 7mm tensioner for inner barrels with large windows, all crafted from aluminum. Users can select between soft (black) and hard (red) rubbers for desired pressure levels.

Included with the Orion are two different C-clips for maximum compatibility, along with brass guide sleeves for oversize barrels. The unit also features a CNC machined aluminum magazine tube with a larger chamfer to reduce damage to the magazine slide.

An aluminum adjustment wheel with precise markings facilitates easy adjustments, while the unit's precision fit improves the seal between the nozzle and the HopUp rubber, enhancing energy levels. Constructed from 7075 aluminum with tight tolerances, the unit ensures durability and consistent performance.

The delivery package includes various components such as the CNC HopUp Unit, adjustment wheel, C-clips, HopUp arms, tensioners, rubber inserts, brass screw and rings, O-ring, and CNC magazine tube.

Please note that some packages may include springs from our NEPTUN unit, which are not necessary for the Orion. Additionally, while the HopUp Unit enhances performance, it does not address feeding issues in the AUG series magazines, particularly with heavy BBs.