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BLS Perfect High Precision REGULAR BBs

BLS Perfect High Precision REGULAR BBs - WyshTech

BLS Perfect High Precision REGULAR BBs

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BLS is the OE Manufacturer for Elite Force, Valken (Taiwan batches), Madbull, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, KWA, etc. Now, you can get the same premium quality BBs for a lot less cost!


  • Solid polymer construction is extremely resistant to chipping or shattering
  • An excellent choice for ensuring your BBs hit their mark
  • The resealable package allows easy storage of BBs
  • 5.94mm - 5.96mm diameter BBs designed for all FPS ranges
  • Seamless, spherical competition grade BBs free of imperfections


Specifications: 0.20g - 0.32g BBs
6mm Barrels
Package Includes: 1x Bag of BBs


What you get in one bag:

.20G BB - 5000 BBs

.25G BB - 4000 BBs

.28G BB - 3500 BBs

.30G BB - 3333 BBs

.32G BB - 3125 BBs

Recommended Power to BB Weight:

0.20g: 240~370 fps
0.23g: 330~430 fps
0.25g: 350~480 fps
0.28g: 390~500 fps
0.30g: 400~600 fps
0.40g: 450~600+ fps

*The chart above is for reference only. The best way to find which bb weight is best for your gun is to test them.