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Bottle BIO Exact BBs - 5000rnds

Bottle BIO Exact BBs - 5000rnds - WyshTech

Bottle BIO Exact BBs - 5000rnds

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These are BIO BBs. 

  • The precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+.01mm)
  • Perfectly spherical, double-polished, free of imperfections, and zero air pockets. 
  • Designed to handle any FPS range without shattering or breaking
  • Improved accuracy and shot consistency
  • Made of PLA
  • Precision made for high-end airsoft guns
  • Performance and Quality is similar to BLS BBs

Recommended Power to BB Weight:

0.20g: 240~370 fps
0.23g: 330~430 fps
0.25g: 350~480 fps
0.28g: 390~500 fps
0.30g: 400~600 fps
0.40g: 450~600+ fps

*The chart above is for reference only. The best way to find which bb weight is best for your gun is to test them.