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EPeS Cylinder head AEG Mk.II uni V2/3 – LONG (SR25 length) – EF

EPeS Cylinder head AEG Mk.II uni V2/3 – LONG (SR25 length) – EF

EPeS Cylinder head AEG Mk.II uni V2/3 – LONG (SR25 length) – EF

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Medium length nozzle guide rod – optimal for nozzle length in 24–32 mm range (SR25 or Similiar)

Extra Fit nozzle guide rod with enlarged diameter of 5.40 mm (standard version with diameter of 5.35 mm also available). The increased diameter of the nozzle guide rod eliminates nozzle play and significantly helps to prevent "mid-cap syndrome".

Increased tappet plate stroke length compared with standard cylinder heads

Allows for the use of up to 1 mm longer nozzle in order to provide a tighter fit between the nozzle and hop-up bucking during shooting

Removes potential feeding issues while retaining perfect tightness between the nozzle and hop-up bucking during shooting

Unique system for the mounting of the cylinder head inside the gearbox makes this cylinder head a truly universal solution for V2.5 gearboxes from different manufacturers

Mounting pin holes are designed for optimal fit into the RetroArms gearboxes

Rubber impact pads made from polyurethane (PU) rubber with 70, 80 and 90 sh hardness with maximized impact area - 3 mm thickness

70 sh for springs of up to SP130 strength

80 sh for springs of up to SP160 strength

90 sh for springs of SP170 strength and higher

For high fire rate and high-capacity guns (for example machine guns), where 100+BB bursts can be expected, we recommend using a spring one level weaker than stated above (e.g. maximum spring strength of SP120 for 70 sh hardness)

Available also in version without the impact rubber pad in order to be used with other available PU impact pads or Sorbopad in selected hardness, according to selected spring and pad height in order to adjust AOE

Compared with Mk.I version, Mk. II has an added H+PTFE surface finish, longer nozzle pilot, adjusted nozzle pilot diameter and reworked impact rubber pad design for a more efficient impact force distribution

Made from EN AW 7075-T6 aircraft-grade duralumin with proven H+PTFE surface finish for ideal sliding properties while retaining high abrasion resistance of the surface

The Impact rubber pad is made from polyurethane (PU) rubber in selected hardness and O-rings are made from NBR 70 sh

Made in the Czech Republic