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REGULAR Exact BBs Pre-Order (ETA MARCH) - WyshTech


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These are Regular BBs. 

  • The precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+.01mm)
  • Perfectly spherical, double-polished, free of imperfections, and zero air pockets. 
  • Designed to handle any FPS range without shattering or breaking
  • Improved accuracy and shot consistency
  • Precision made for high-end airsoft guns
  • Performance and Quality is similar to BLS BBs!

Don't believe us?  Check out the reviews below!  We love these bbs so much we even use these bbs ourselves!

What you get in one bag:

.20G BB - 5000 BBs

.25G BB - 4000 BBs

.28G BB - 3500 BBs

.30G BB - 3333 BBs

.40G BB - 1000 BBs


Recommended Power to BB Weight:

0.20g: 240~370 fps
0.23g: 330~430 fps
0.25g: 350~480 fps
0.28g: 390~500 fps
0.30g: 400~600 fps
0.40g: 450~600+ fps

*The chart above is for reference only. The best way to find which bb weight is best for your gun is to test them.