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M-Trigger Base Wyshtech Special Edition

M-Trigger Base Wyshtech Special Edition

M-Trigger Base Wyshtech Special Edition

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Fixes semi-auto problems common in airsoft P90s


Reduces semi auto trigger pull and reset for quicker semi-auto shots


Keeps 2-stage trigger functionality: initial trigger pull for semi, full trigger pull for full auto


Low resistance wiring and mosfet improves trigger response and fire rate



Direct replacement of factory trigger unit, no modifications required, no opening the gearbox


Custom trolleys allows you to adjust your M-Trigger perfectly to your gun without disassembly. Allows for differently sized cutoff levers and trigger bars. Available in colors of your choice for more personal customization.



3D printed in fiberglass nylon, a premium high-strength plastic


Custom ordered low-pressure microswitch and springs for lighter trigger pull


SR Patch included in every order. Made-in-USA by fellow airsoft small business Tacticool Imaging, these PVC patches are velcro backed and allow you to show off your custom upgrades



  • TM, Cyma, JG, Cybergun, Classic Army, King Arms, Echo 1, almost every brand

    • Direct drop-in

  • Krytac P90

    • Requires the Shadow Regime Krytac P90 M-Trigger Bar

    • Requires any normal, non-Krytac P90 cutoff lever

    • Not compatible with Krytac’s empty mag cutoff feature

  • Novritsch SSR90

    • Not tested yet, but pretty sure it will work

  • G&G PDW99 and gearboxes with aftermarket cutoff levers

    • Adjust M-Trigger trolley positions to fit the offspec cutoff lever and trigger bar

  • HPA

    • Compatible, but you will only have one fire mode