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T238 Brushless Motor AEG Brushless Motor (39K RPM)

T238 Brushless Motor AEG Brushless Motor (39K RPM)

T238 Brushless Motor AEG Brushless Motor (39K RPM)

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Introducing the T238 Brushless Motor: Unleash Power and Precision in Your Airsoft Game

Upgrade your airsoft experience with the game-changing T238 Brushless Motor. Engineered for exceptional performance, this motor is the key to unlocking a new level of power, efficiency, and precision in your airsoft gameplay.


  1. Adjustable RPM Dial: Fine-tune your motor's performance with the integrated RPM adjustment dial. Whether you're looking for lightning-fast speed or optimal torque, this feature empowers you to customize your airsoft gun's performance to match your playing style.

  2. D-Type Pinion Gear: Unlike traditional O-type pinion gears, the T238 comes equipped with a durable D-type pinion gear. This gear design ensures improved durability, smoother operation, and reduced wear over time, making it an essential element for long-lasting high-performance gameplay.

  3. Enhanced Power Efficiency: Experience longer battles without worrying about battery drain. The T238 Brushless Motor's advanced design and efficiency translate to extended gameplay sessions, allowing you to dominate the field with confidence.

  4. Rate of Fire Boost: Witness a significant increase in your airsoft gun's rate of fire. The T238 Brushless Motor's exceptional speed enables you to unleash a flurry of shots with remarkable precision, giving you a competitive edge on the battlefield.

Compatibility Tested:

The T238 Brushless Motor has been rigorously tested for compatibility with a range of ETUs including:

  • [List of Compatible ETUs]
  • All Perun MOSFETs
  • Jefftron Leviathan Both V2 and V3


Rest assured, this motor seamlessly integrates with these systems, ensuring flawless operation and optimal performance without any issues.

Package Includes:

  • T238 Brushless Motor
  • D-Type Pinion Gear
  • Motor Connections for Easy Installation
  • 1.3mm Hardened Steel Allen Wrench

Elevate your airsoft game with the T238 Brushless Motor. Upgrade now and experience the next level of power, control, and excitement. Get ready to dominate the field like never before!

Note: The T238 Brushless Motor is not only an exceptional performance enhancer but also a valuable investment in your airsoft gear collection. Order yours today and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Upgrade your airsoft arsenal with the T238 Brushless Motor and enjoy a whole new dimension of gameplay excellence. Order now and experience the power for yourself!