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Tokyo Marui FN Herstal Licensed P90 Plus Airsoft AEG Sub Machinegun

Tokyo Marui FN Herstal Licensed P90 Plus Airsoft AEG Sub Machinegun

Tokyo Marui FN Herstal Licensed P90 Plus Airsoft AEG Sub Machinegun

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  • Fully licensed by FN Herstal
  • High quality injection molded reinforced polymer frame w/ matte finish
  • Equipped w/ the PLUS System which monitors FETS, batteries and motors to prevent damage
  • FETS system prevents current loss and improves trigger response
  • 3x Picatinny / 1913 rails for optics, lasers, lights and more!
  • Realistic takedown and selector mechanism
  • Deep engraved markings
  • Realistic translucent magazine with dummy rounds

A new category weapon born from NATO's PDW project
The "P-90 Plus" is compatible with MS Li-Po batteries, equipped with the FET circuit "PLUS system". It is now available as the first electric gun plus series!The specially developed PLUS system (= FET circuit) achieves high safety and improved trigger response during semi-automatic firing. Based on the electric gun standard type P-90 series model, it has been upgraded to a model with a higher level of operability.

With the spread of body armor made of Kevlar, a new material that protects against pistol bullets, the strength of the headquarters and rear units that protect themselves with submachine guns and handguns has become ineffective. For this reason, NATO launched the "PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Project" to develop new equipment that is compact, lightweight, and has effective power for body armor.
FN, a prestigious Belgian firearms manufacturer, has determined that the existing ammunition cannot meet NATO's requirements. In 1988, FN announced the PDW "P90" that uses this bullet, having developed a new 5.7mm x 28 bullet with "a rifle bullet-like penetration with high power and little recoil". In 1997, the appearance of the P90 being put into actual combat for the first time was broadcast around the world along with the news.

Equipped with FETs
Equipped with a switch that combines mechanical and FET. Compared to a mechanical switch, the current loss generated at the contact is reduced, and the response from pulling the trigger to firing the BB is improved. In addition, the durability of the switch part is also improved.

PLUS System
Tokyo Marui developed the "PLUS system" in which a microcomputer (MCU = microcontroller unit) comprehensively monitors and controls FETs, batteries, and motors. In addition to controlling the rotation of the motor, it is a system that also has safety, such as detecting damage and abnormalities in various parts and stopping operation.

Black Finish
The receiver uses a black paint that suppresses gloss. The texture has increased, and it has a finish that feels heavy.

Reproduce Unique Structure
It can be disassembled into three parts: the engine part covered with a grip-integrated stock, the sight receiver and unitized barrel, and the magazine. This reproduces the same takedown as the real thing.

Realistic Selector Mechanism
You can operate the selector with the same finger that pulls the trigger and you can switch the firing mode without breaking the stance. Also, if the selector is in the full auto position, it is possible to switch between semi-auto and full auto by pulling the trigger.

Triple rail
Equipped with 3 mounting rails on the sight receiver. Optional parts such as dot sights and flashlights that support 20mm wide mounting rails can be set.

Compatible with Various Muzzle Options
If you remove the new aluminum flash hider, you can install a muzzle option with a 14mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

Realistic See-Through Magazine
A translucent magazine with 68 bullets and 5.7mm x 28 dummy cartridges inside is included.

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Licensed by Cybergun / FN Herstal)

FPS Range: 250-280


Length: 505mm
Weight: 2200g
Inner Barrel: ~247mm
Magazine Capacity: 68rd Standard Capacity. Compatible with other similar P90 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines
Muzzle Velocity: 0.73 Joules (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
Gearbox: Ver 6, Fully Upgradeable
Motor: Long Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 8.4V Ni-MH 1300mAh mini S battery / MS Li-Po battery [standard type]
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual